13 Kids Who Prove That Being a Parent Means Never Feeling Bored

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Being a parent can be very tough. It can also be stressful, fulfilling, amazing, and lots of other things, except boring. Kids seem to have it as their goal to make sure their parents’ days are never the same. They manage to erase the dullness of life with their curious outlook on life, and we should appreciate it even if sometimes children’s creativity adds problems to our list. Let’s look at some pics that prove it.

1. “I wore fake glasses and fake teeth for my sixth-grade yearbook photo to prank my mom.”

2. Horseshoe crab costume

3. “You can’t see me if I put my hands this way” is the logic of my little sibling...

4. Well, it’s her party. She has fun the way she wants!

5. “His plane was delayed.”

6. “I don’t think that’s a Band-Aid.”

7. “My sister drew on her passport.”

8. “My 4-year-old wouldn’t finish her dumpling because bites were already taken out of it. She’s the one who took the bites.”

9. “My son insists the crust be cut off his sandwiches, he then proceeds to eat every single one like this.”

10. “My brother drew a circle on his whole head, I asked why did you do that. He said he wants to be Spider-Man.”

11. “My son decided he wanted to hide.”

12. “My kid broke his headset. I woke up to this ingenuity this morning.”

13. “Went to take a picture of my girlfriend when suddenly...”

We are sure you have something to add to this compilation. Don’t be shy — share the funny things your children have done!

Preview photo credit Bullboah/reddit


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