15+ Kids Who Taught Everyone Around Them That Patience Is a Virtue

2 years ago

Living with kids can feel like your patience is being tested pretty much every day. Whether it’s being a subject for funny pranks or having to deal with bad behavior — there are lots and lots of things that require parents to put a lot of effort into simply being calm.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything applaud the heroes of today’s compilation.

1. “My daughter snuck up from behind and nearly gave me a heart attack.”

2. “My son made me a sandwich with ’a little mustard.’”

3. “My son is awesome at the game of hide and seek.”

4. “My kid threw my phone in a fire pit.”

5. “Can’t find your Switch remote? It must be somewhere reasonable, like inside your kid’s ukulele.”

6. “My 6 year old put a marker in the oven. I guess we’ll order in?”

7. “My son started school this year. These are his shoes after just 8 days of wear.”

8. “I asked my son if he needed a new toothbrush. He said no.”

9. “My son told me he fed the cats.”

10. “Watched my kid dump the bag upside down.”

11. “My son specifically requested the chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Clearly, I’m raising a monster.”

12. “My kids tore a hole in a bean bag chair and tons of static-charged styrofoam balls went everywhere.”

13. “Toddler. Sharpie. Sleeping husband...”

14. “Some kid stuffed a cheeseburger into a PC at school.”

15. “My daughter took me roller skating yesterday for Mother’s Day.”

16. “Every single thing from the fridge is in this car soup. It’s fine, I’m fine.”

17. “My daughter just learned what happens if you forget to put water in ramen before microwaving it.”

18. “My son said he had no idea how it got in there...”

Do your kids often test your patience?

Preview photo credit cooksinapron / Reddit


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