15 Lucky Ones Who Were Gifted With Unique Features by Nature

6 months ago

Every person is unique. But some people have been rewarded by nature with such features that set them apart and make them even more interesting.

1. “My baby’s hairy ears.”

2. “I’m able to bend just my finger tips without bending the other joints.”

3. “I chopped my finger off when I was a child, this is how it grew back...”

4. “At 24 years old, I got my last surviving baby tooth removed.”

5. “My boyfriend can fold his hand completely in half.”

6. “I have purple eyes.”

  • And white hair. © Guquiz ​/ Reddit
  • Mostly only people with albinism can have violet eyes, and even then it’s pretty rare, less than 15% of all albino humans have them, it’s actually the natural color our eye would be with absolutely zero other pigment. © Unknown author ​/ Reddit

7. “Just had identical twin girls and one ear on one baby is an elf ear.”

8. “I can bend my first two toes independently of the others.”

9. “My right eye, doesn’t cause any noticeable sight problems.”

10. “A meteorite I bought sticking to the magnetic implant in my finger”

11. “I can do this with my lips, but only the one side.”

12. “Anisocoria is unequal pupils — if suddenly developed, it can indicate brain pressure from a stroke, TBI, or other serious conditions.”

13. “My sister is missing a knuckle in all of her fingers. These are our left hands.”

14. “My hands under a UV light.”

15. “My left big toe is way bigger than my right one.”

Nature is the best artist and inventor. It easily creates masterpieces and unique creations, giving interesting features to people, animals, and flora.


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