15 People Share How Nature Decided to Experiment on Them

2 years ago

There are many reasons someone can have something unique in them. It can be an abnormality they were born with or something that was genetically gifted to them by one of their relatives. And it’s beautiful to see how we may all look the same, but there can always be something truly unique that stands out in all of us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share 15 pictures that are clear proof that no matter how similar we all are, there are some small details that separate us.

1. “Unexpected eye difference after anaesthesia.”

2. “I have an extra tooth on the roof of my mouth!”

3. “Sometimes people stop in the middle of a conversation to stare at my eye. I wonder why.”

4. “This weird thing I can do with the back of my palm”

5. “I have naturally pointed ears and a weird notch missing on my right ear.”

6. “The middle of my forehead has a single, invisible hair that grows as long as I let it.”

7. “My mom has Raynaud’s disease, where your fingers or toes go numb out of nowhere and turn white.”

8. “I have an autoimmune disorder that has made my natural hair color change three times the last month.”

9. “I have a blonde spot only on the left side of my face.”

10. “My finger does not understand.”

11. “A result of working at the same spot for months, full-time — it tanned only the right side of my body.”

12. “I have brachydactyly type D, or ’toe thumbs,’ on both my hands.”

13. “Due to a pigmentation, the hair on my left leg is blonde, and the hair on my right leg is black.”

14. “I can do this with my little finger.”

15. “I was born with a hole at the top of my ear that used to ‘cry’ when I cried as a baby.”

Do you have any unique characteristics on your body that people notice immediately after they see you? If so, would you mind telling us about it?


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