15 People Who Didn’t Hesitate to Let Their Natural Hair Shine or Make a Big Change

year ago

Hair is something of tremendous importance to women, since it is their confidence booster. It is also a feature that gives women a sense of identity, something that they know will help them stand out in the crowd. And in more simple words, hair makes women feel good about themselves and that others find them attractive because of how good their hair looks.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share 15 women who got over their initial fear and decided to let their natural hair shine.

1. “Before and after. I wanted to do this for a very long time and now I was brave enough to shave.”

2. “High school (2013) vs Now (I wouldn’t leave the house unless my hair was straight back then!) stopped straightening in 2015”

3. “Learning to feel confident with these twists and no makeup”

4. “Struggling to embrace it, but happy. I got my first curly cut after only ever wearing my hair straight and just past shoulder length.”

5. “After years of mocking for my hair texture, and damage on my hair to fit people’s standards, I’m happy to embrace my natural curls.”

6. “Got tired of dying my hair about 2ish years ago. I’ve gotten way more compliments with this gray hair than I ever got with my dyed hair.”

7. “Embracing my 4c hair!”

8. “My grey curls finally starting to come through.”

9. “Just a Paki girl finally embracing her naturally curly hair”

10. “So I shaved it... and I’m so surprised by how well it suits me. I think I’m gonna keep this hairstyle for a while!”

11. “2 months of learning to embrace and love my natural hair!”

12. “I’m so glad I’ve embraced my big wavy hair. I straightened my hair every day for years.”

13. “I used to want to die my hair black to match my favorite color, but I have since learned to embrace my copper locks.”

14. “One year natural hair growth”

15. “Beardstache.”

Was there ever a point in your life where you were afraid to show your natural hair and if so, did you ever get past that phase?


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