20+ Sleeping Dogs That Couldn’t Care Less About Looking Adorably Silly

2 years ago

Dogs sleep almost 11 hours a day on average, and puppies nap even more than that. Researchers claim that our pets have different sleep cycles just like humans, and they are likely to have dreams too.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to show you these 20+ photos of pups that look so adorable, they are surely dreaming the sweetest of all dreams.

“Sarah likes to have her foot in her mouth.”

“Rottie likes to sleep like this.”

“Pet owner rule: If your pet is sleeping, don’t move...”

“He didn’t even make it to his bed. He fell asleep while sitting up.”

“My brother’s doggo sleeping in a chair the right way”

“He has like 50 beds but sleeps like this all the time.”

“The entire couch is open and she chooses to sleep like this.”

“The many sleeping positions of Jane the Dane”

“If only I could sleep this well.”

“Found her sleeping like this as I left for work.”

In another life, this pup would be a yoga teacher.

“My dog sleeps best when he is tucked in at night.”

“This is Otis. Otis sleeps in my shoes.”

“This is how Hector sleeps.”

“My patient at work fell asleep like this.”

“My good boy falling asleep after a long day of fun.”

“My derp sleeps under her bed.”

“Somebody fell asleep in my arms.”

That tongue looks so cute!

“Here’s my deep sleeping pupper. The Cheerio has been there for 3 minutes now. How long will it last? Stay tuned... 🐶”

“He was so fast asleep, he didn’t even respond to his 2 favorite words: ’walk’ and ’cookie.’”

“Who doesn’t want to smell their own feet while they sleep?”

This could definitely be an ad to sell beds for sleepy dogs.

What things does your pet do while sleeping? And how do you behave while you snooze?


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