14 People Who Would Get an Award If Having Fun Was a Competition

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Some people seem to have mastered the art of having fun, and now they live their best lives constantly making jokes here and there. They can make the best out of pretty much any situation, no matter if they get snowed in, do mundane tasks like cooking, or simply work.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything adore their attitude to life, and we’d like to share their positivity with you.

1. “Jokingly sent my mom a cutout of myself while I’m studying abroad. She seems to be entertaining herself with it.”

2. “Box of Pringles + bored engineer”

3. “Found in a Forever 21”

4. What are you going to do if you were a deliveryman and you saw this?

5. “My Jeep had 222,222 miles on 2/2/22.”

6. “We made an igloo in chilly Minnesota.”

7. “Toasting some sesame seeds and when I stopped swirling the pan, Pac-Man appeared.”

8. “Mom’s optometrist is wearing Pokémon socks.”

9. “Barista asked if she could make me a ’surprise coffee, free of charge’ and comes back with this.”

10. “A moose hanging out on my patio.”

11. “Saw this snow castle in someone’s front yard.”

12. “Parents got snowed in at the lake house. Mom sent me this and said, ’Your father and his friend are out of control.’”

13. “The way the smoke created a near-perfect picture of a polar bear on the lid of my grill.”

14. “My drain was blocked, so I pulled it up and a frog, came out.”

Have you recently encountered anything spectacular in your life? Tell us about it.

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