15 Times Babies Gave Us Some Serious Granny Vibes

year ago

Many of us have heard of the classic tale of Benjamin Button, the man who was born as an elderly person and grew younger with age. Even though this story is entirely fiction, some babies do look like they could be someone’s grandparents. In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the most adorable cases of that phenomenon.

1. “My 1-day-old daughter wondering why her pension fund dried up so quickly.”

2. “Me looking extra stylish in my pastel onesie.”

3. “Everyone knows not to bother Sondra from payroll during tax season.”

4. “The forehead and hairline of a century-old man.”

5. “Years before my mother gave me a mullet and then a bowl cut, she gave me this lovely combover.”

6. Someone’s looking forward to bingo night!

7. “My best friend’s son always looks like he’s wondering if retirement can come any faster.”

8. “Me circa 1990. Born confused.”

9. “My few-week-old baby boy is an ancient witch.”

10. “Are you wearing that?”

11. “Three weeks going on 93 years old”

12. “85 years (8 weeks) of pure joy with this furrowed brow”

13. “Someone said my niece looks like she’s gonna stroll down to the pub.”

14. “Anyone seen my teeth?”

15. “My 2-week-old looking like he is a mini-me.”


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