15+ Times Designers Left Us Completely Puzzled

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Creativity is endless when it comes to design. There are so many aspects that can be enhanced for the products to be more convenient and beautiful. However, just like with everything else, the whole thinking process can suddenly go in the wrong direction. It’s not too bad though — at the very least we can have a laugh at the ridiculous results.

1. “Not the most useful attachment I’ve ever seen...”

2. In this house we...what?

3. “A stairwell in a hotel I stayed in”

4. Baby macarons. Literally.

5. “My local sink”

6. “A bike path where you can be one with nature.”

7. “Artwork in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport”

8. Fish flops. Cats are going to love them.

9. “A doctor I know has these in her living room.”

10. “Looking great!”

11. “This hotel room has the toilet right by the bed.”

12. Hippotomobile

13. “I found this at an antique show a few years ago.”

14. “This is in our hotel room. Sunshine?”

15. “This stairway has a surprise step.”

16. “Went to a coworker’s place on a day off; checked the time literally 10 times before realizing...”

17. At least they figured it out.

18. “Restaurant bathroom sink, made from wood.”

Which design left you scratching your head? What design would you like to see in your neighborhood, home, or city?

Preview photo credit duucfho / Reddit


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