15 Times People Were Fortunate to See Deserted Things That Looked Otherworldly

year ago

There are so many reasons why people love taking walks and trips in nature. Escaping city life offers us peace and calmness and all the necessary ingredients in order to reboot if that’s what we’re looking for. It also offers many adventures for those who enjoy an adrenaline rush. And during these nature excursions you never know what you will discover and what you will see along the way.

Here, at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we appreciate old things that are left in the hands of nature and are transformed into abandoned art.

1. “Mother Nature is into classic cars apparently.”

2. “This statue was found in an abandoned house.”

3. There is no right answer to how this wheel got there.

4. “Has anyone lost a camera, like 80 years ago at Eagle Creek?”

5. A plane in the middle of a forest in Oregon

6. “I absolutely love this abandoned ship we found today.”

7. “An abandoned villa in Iran”

8. “Bicycle tree in Vashon Island, supposedly left there in 1914.”

9. “My friends and I found this frame out behind an abandoned cotton mill. Decided to have some fun with it.”

10. “Someone hung lost glasses on this tree next to the hiking trail.”

11. “Hello?”

12. “An abandoned house”

13. The watches with a terrarium inside

14. “These statues I saw the other day”

15. “Abandoned Audi TT Quattro along with a lot of other abandoned cars.”

Do you find that there is magic and beauty in old and abandoned things that have been taken over by nature? Have you discovered any such sights lately?


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