15 Times the Internet Gave Us Front Row Seats to Unique Sights

2 years ago

According to one author, “For some people, life is boring, for some it is exciting, and for some life is wrestling while for others it is dancing. For some people life is a long hard reality, and for others it is an ephemeral dream. Life is how you make it or how you take it.” We’re always choosing to make life a happy and safe place to share ideas and opinions, and oftentimes life rewards us with unexpected surprises.

We love seeing surprising things that the world has hidden everywhere for us and at Now I’ve Seen Everything we decided we’d share 15 of them.

1. “Fun in the sun”

2. “A relative sent me this pic from a park.”

3. “So, my dog got a hold of my phone.”

4. “I saw a driving dog today.”

5. “What did I just walk in on?”

6. “Found this little guy on a walk yesterday.”

7. “Bees took over the car next to mine during the 10 minutes I was in the store!”

8. “When my daughter’s rat, ‘Wasabi Bobby,’ is nervous or in a new situation, he holds her hand for comfort.”

9. “The Airbnb I’m staying at has a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat.”

10. “What running in a −24°F wind chill did to my lashes”

11. “This opossum observing at my wife’s lab in Australia”

12. “The guy behind my wife snuck his rather large hand onto her shoulder.”

13. “I saw thousands of mallards gathered on a frozen pond last winter. At least one was suspicious of me.”

14. “My dog might be fast but my camera is faster.”

15. “My lizard sleeps on her own little bed.”

Have you ever seen something that made you feel like you were the only person who ever saw something so unique?


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