16 Mysterious Discoveries That Left People Absolutely Puzzled

7 months ago

Throughout our lives, we continue to learn and discover new things. Occasionally, we come across odd things whose purpose we just can’t figure out. That’s when experts from the internet come to the rescue, capable of finding an answer to any question.

“The hole gets smaller when I squeeze it. Found in kitchen at parents house. What do I use it for?”

Answer: It’s to strip corn on the cob.

“This tubular hook thing mounted on the mirror in the bathroom, between the toilet and sink.”

Answer: Yeah it’s a rotatable multihook, for washcloths and other accessories (probably loofahs too).

“Operates like a pair of scissors, the tip isn’t sharp, and the shorter end looks like it is supposed to pack something where it fits.”

Answer: It looks like it may be a candle snuffer.

“Thumb protector possibly, but for what? Found at a yard sale.”

Answer: After some googling it’s an antique butcher thumb guard.

“What’s this plastic thing with narrow gaps on my drying rack?”

Answer: For towels.

“I found this metal object. No text or numbers. Can retract to be the size of a bracelet.”

Answer: It’s the top (closure part) of a purse or small handbag.

“I found in forest in Sweden, about 1 m from ground, roughly 20 cm in size. Hard to the touch, but drips liquid when knocked.”

Answer: It looks like a polypore fungus that is exuding excess moisture, called guttation.

“We found this on the beach in Whidbey Island. Any ideas what it is?”

Answer: Underside of a chiton (molluscs).

“A friend found this on bleachers at school.”

“I bought a jean jacket at Target, and found this really lightweight, velvety soft ball that I couldn’t crush in my hand? What is that?”

Answer: Repurposed stone wash filler.

Used as a tool to take up space and orient the inside fabric as it’s sewn. Tough enough to last but not break equipment and rounded enough to not snag.

Originally was mixed in with the stone for jean softening and fading. If it’s all stone it is too rough on the fabric and bogs down the machine for large batches. You mix like 2/3 of these with 1/3 stone, and it’s tumbled with the fabric-filling the voids and giving the stone something to push the fabric against.

“This gooey stuff is on the manhole cover outside my house. What is it for?”

Answer: It looks like clear silicone. A cheap alternative to manhole lid plugs.

“Seen while walking down the street. A ziplock bag tacked above a door. Seems to contain water and a few pennies. What could this be for?”

Answer: Homemade mosquito/fly deterrent. The light reflecting off the water and pennies is supposed to scare off pesky bugs.

“6 inch long utensil found in with silverware. Oneida Community Par Plate stamped on back.”

Answer: Butter pick for picking up butter curls.

“A massive wrench I inherited. Weighs 30+ pounds. Novelty or functional?”

Answer: At the California State Railroad Museum there are several large wrenches like these and larger on display. The wrenches were used in the maintenance and construction of steam locomotives. Perhaps diesel also. As many pointed out the tool could be used in any large industrial equipment facility or plant.

“What is this green basket thing?”

Answer: Garden Grabber for picking up leaves.

“Extra straps on my wife’s bra has us both baffled. Do they serve any functional purpose?”

Answer: Yes, they’re adjustable so that it doesn’t cut in if she’s very full on top or don’t fall slack if she’s not.

Bonus: Sometimes the solution turns out to be much simpler than our brain imagined.

“Red waxy substance found in and around the keyhole of the lock on my front door. A little concerned that someone may have been messing with my lock last night.”

“Solved! Turns out it was a family member’s lipstick which got on the key while it was in their purse.”

We wouldn’t have guessed the purpose of these items without the help of experts from the internet. And here’s another article about mysterious objects, the functions of which aren’t so easy to comprehend.

Preview photo credit whiteandnerdly / Reddit


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