18 Photos That Prove How Mother Nature Never Ceases to Amaze Us

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Nature is such a beautiful thing, yet so many people take it for granted and treat it like nothing but something that takes up space. However, people should understand that nature is their equal and without it they can’t exist. It is a mechanism that keeps on gifting us with stuff we need or with stuff we’ve never seen before and is simply precious.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that people should never stop appreciating nature and the gifts she keeps on giving us.

1. “Tree grew around this sign, only leaving the word ‘Help’ visible.”

2. The sun and the structure of this tree naturally created a perfect circle.

3. The root of a tree found its way out and grew in a crack in the sidewalk.

4. A cat with white spots

5. “A gray leaf I found in the foliage”

6. “This photo I took of grass in the rain looks like something out of a sci-fi film.”

7. “My cat’s blind eyes look eerie.”

8. “My purple potatoes look like gemstones.”

9. A show that took place right up in the sky

10. A spotted zebra foal under the shelter of its mother

11. A colorful, symmetrical mushroom with its own texture

12. This flower’s colors are divided into 2 equal parts.

13. “Heart shaped and tube like tomato I found today.”

14. “An apple with coloring that makes it look like there’s another apple printed on it”

15. “A tree hugging a tree”

16. “My new kitten who can grow a better mustache than I can”

17. “A horse’s blue eye”

18. “The cat has heterochromia and orange eyebrows.”

What amazes you the most about nature and its gifts towards humanity? Do you think we should be more appreciative of mother nature?


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