17 Discoveries That Took People by Surprise

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Life is a like a treasure chest and you never know what you’re going to find when you open it. It might be something worth a million dollars or something that will haunt you for the rest of your life. But, either way you have to open it since if you don’t you’ll never know what it was.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows that life never stops evolving and surprising us in all kinds of ways, positive and negative.

1. “Left my work gloves outside for a couple of days. Went to got them and found this.”

2. “My dad’s coffee grinder was acting up... so he took it apart... this is what was inside.”

3. “Hummingbird feather! I had never found one before, thought it was neat.”

4. “My parent’s water is hot pink due to a chemical leak.”

5. “Hail through sunroof”

6. “This pleasing autumn leaf I found.”

7. “I found an albino spider from my leg.”

8. “I had an egg inside my egg.”

9. “This shower in my AirBnB. I’m not even overly tall, I’m about 6’2”."

10. “These eggs I found in the cabana bathroom door lock.”

11. “The pad of butter I was using for my toast looks like a parrot.”

12. “A burnt waffle was in my bag of charcoal.”

13. “A robin has nested inside an MX helmet in my shed.”

14. “View from a rear-facing motorcycle helmet cam”

15. “This clear leaf I found while on a tour for a botanical garden.”

16. “I accidentally ripped off a pop tab from a can, proceed opening it with a knife and found a second lid under first one.”

17. “This little guy and 2 other friends of his come over almost every day to get some food from us.”

Which one of the pictures above brought you back memories of something similar that happened to you?

Preview photo credit another-modern-leper / reddit


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