17 People Who Let Their Nails Do All the Talking

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Nail art in recent years has expanded beyond using simple nail polish and artists have started to get creative with all kinds of materials in order to achieve their mind-blowing designs. Whether its wood, mosaics of glitter or glowing acrylic, the sky is the limit when a woman dares to be different and agrees to transform her hands into a work or art.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is inspired by the imagination and know-how of some nail artists. We gathered a collection of fascinating designs that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

1. ’’My 11-year-old gets braces tomorrow so I’m showing my support.’’

2. “Nails inspired by my grandma’s opal ring”

3. ’’Nails inspired by my boyfriend who loves yellow and bees!’’

4. “They are loud and I’m proud of how they turned out.”

5. “I painted my nails to look like ocean agates.”

  • “These are oddly terrifying because they are so well done! It’s like you have gemstones growing out of your fingers!” — hanneeplanee / Reddit

6. ’’I did that.’’

7. “A city skyline over multiple gradients — from sunset, through the night, and into the sunrise.”

8. “I hand painted these koi fish and it took me entirely too long.”

9. “The goal was to make it look like fruit encased in jelly.”

10. “I put some wood on my nails for a laugh, but now I love them.”

11. “This is by far the best manicure I have ever seen.”

12. “I cut out this cat from a page in a calendar and encased him in gel top coat.”

13. “I recreated the look of dragonfly wings.”

14. “They’re rainbow jelly frogs!”

15. “My nails glow in the dark.”

16. “My first attempt at sea glass nails”

17. ’’I stuck 640 pieces of glitter to my right hand.’’

Do you enjoy doing your nails? When was the last time you tried something new? Come chat in the comments!

Preview photo credit YellowPoison / Reddit


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