17 Pictures You Likely Won’t Be Lucky Enough to See Twice

6 months ago

Isn’t it wonderful when you take a picture and by pure luck or great timing you’ve captured something only very few people have seen before? Whether it’s because of something truly unique or a case of pareidolia, life is full of these moments. We’re just happy that we could find 17 of these moments and share them with you.

1. “Had some fun at Lake Tahoe this weekend.”

2. “My boyfriend’s beard hair grows in like a hurricane pattern.”

3. “A large burl growing on a bur oak and my 60 lb pup for scale”

4. “This mushroom my brother and nephew found”

5. “My friend looks like the drawing on this colored pencil case.”

6. “My little sis dropped her ice cream.”

7. This dog looks like a horse running along the beach.

8. “One of the oldest buildings in Norway, built in the 18th Century CE”

9. “The cat I just adopted has spots that look like Jack Skellington.”

10. “This diaper bag”

11. “The reflection of the outdoor firepit makes the couch look like it’s on fire.”

12. “My friend’s palms only have one distinct line.”

13. “The way this soda bottle popped open in the freezer”

14. “This broken window reminded us of a dog silhouette.”

15. “Creepy little garbage cans in Tokyo”

16. “The way this apple grew between branches”

17. “I think this cinnamon bun wants to phone home.”

Everyday life is filled with pareidolia moments, where one thing might look like something else. For example, a cat’s paw might look like a nose has been stuck on it. Or a simple bag might look like somebody’s grumpy face.

Preview photo credit LessFish*** / Reddit


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