17 Times Internet Sherlocks Came to the Rescue

2 years ago

The internet might just be the best place someone can share their knowledge and have it seen my millions of their peers. And being able to do that is the ultimate form of learning, since the information is always accessible by anyone who is interested.

Now I’ve Seen Everything was so confused when we saw these 17 objects, but we were so relieved to find what their purpose is and we thought you’d want to know about them as well.

1. “A Scissors like device I bought years ago on flee market.”

Answer: It’s a vintage umbilical clamp. That’s why it’s shaped like a stork! Eventually this style did evolve into several types of embroidery scissors that the midwives would use while awaiting labor.

2. “What is this part of the small grocery carts? Oddly shaped ring, about an inch and a half across and three inches tall.”

Answer: It’s to hold the self-checkout you can sign up for. They’re usually by the entrances on a rack. I use this all the time.

3. “Toilet with a u-shaped divot in the front.”

Answer: It’s a type of handicap toilet, more common in Europe than the US. It’s supposed to have an open-front seat, too. That allows a person to slide straight onto and off of the seat.

4. “I found this small kettle years ago. Tried searching for a similar one, but have always come up with nothing.”

Answer: In Italy, it is called “la padella.” It is used to pee when you cannot get out of bed.

5. “A large plastic hood with gloves attached. Found in Chicago residential alleyway.”

Answer: Sand blasting. My dad’s shop has a cover like that for sand blasting.

6. “Cage room thing on top of a stream in Japan.”

Answer: it might be some kind of garbage collection point, there are similar structures under that description.

7. “Beaker with handles? Found at a thrift store with no markings on it.”

Answer: It’s the Inside beaker of a double boiler set!

8. “Hard button in the middle of granny-style panties.”

Answer: It’s a “quantum chip” for menstrual pain relief.

9. “Strange bench with tubing near the parking lot of an old elementary school.”

Answer: This is legit playground equipment from the ’70s-’80s. You lay on your back and slide through by pulling on the bars.

10. “Any idea why this ceramic bowl has a slot?”

Answer: It looks like an egg separator.

11. “The plastic kitchen tool looks like a slicer or juicer, but there’s no cutting edge.”

Answer: It holds things while you slice them. Eggs, tomatoes, etc.

12. “At an AirBNB in a beach town on East Coast, US. Kitchen island has these ‘indents’ with a handle?”

Answer: It was part of a hatch door, on a barn or a ship.

13. “What is this attachment and why is it round?”

Answer: It’s made to deter vehicles from hitting the building. The spheres are more aesthetically pleasing than the big yellow poles.

14. “Found at a bar. Very heavy, assuming it’s pushed by the black handles.”

Answer: Linoleum roller.

15. “Obviously an opener but why a speaker? The switch slides, battery cover turns but nothing happens at all.”

Answer: I’ve seen these before, they usually just play a noise when a bottle is opened. Some play songs for sports teams.

16. “Antique wooden press or clamp for some purpose?”

Answer: It’s a beekeeping foundation fastener.

17. “Pyrex globe with ceramic. Found by a relative this morning.”

Answer: Glass Toilet Tank Float

Is there anything so mysterious and baffling in your drawers that you would like to have an answer about its purpose?

Preview photo credit OffpeakPL / Reddit


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