18 People That Made Time Freeze to Give Us a Masterpiece

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When it comes to creating amazing art, some people might argue that there are no coincidences, only incredibly talented and hard-working artists. However, if we look at photos that turned out to be great by accident, we realize that luck can also play a huge role. After all, capturing the right angle at the perfect timing without planning to do so can prove that there is a mysterious element to photography that we can’t control.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is fascinated by photos that can surprise even the person who has taken them. We will share with you a collection that will make you want to inspect them for hours.

1. ’’He got a lil bit greedy.’’

2. “I tried to take this bird’s picture at the zoo and almost lost my cellphone.”

3. Wave hug

4. “Good timing on this one!”

5. “It took me a minute to realize it was 2 dogs.”

6. “These bubbles are in the shape of a spoon.”

7. “My cat decided to use her fish from dinner as false teeth.”

8. “Shadow rendering got a bit messed up.”

9. 4D art

10. “Walked by at just the right moment.”

11. “Dried stonecrop shadow looks like a jungle silhouette van mural.”

12. Right place, right time.

13. “Perfectly timed Moon from Mie Prefecture, Japan”

14. The match is perfect.

15. So this happened

16. “A squirrel eating a doughnut”

17. “A yellow warbler flew into the frame whilst I was taking a snap of an iguana.”

18. Man cat

Which picture did you like the most? How often do you notice coincidences in your life?

Preview photo credit Cr***Proof/imgur, Az0nic/reddit


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