18 People Who Have a Knack for Finding a Solution to Everything

6 months ago

Indeed, every single thing you have at home is there to perform certain tasks. But what happens when a specific tool breaks and you need its services? Instead of panicking, some people try to find alternative solutions that might be even better than the original ones.

1. “A hack for drying the toilet brush”

2. “My egg beater just broke, and I want French toast.”

3. “I’m using a spoon to keep her on the porch and not chasing squirrels.”

4. “My graphic design teacher’s desk is made from old Apple computers.”

5. “Pizza cutters are an under utilized kitchen utensil.”

6. “Grooming sling + pull-up bar = dog nail trimming station”

7. “My co-worker uses a gas mask when he cuts onions.”

8. “The instructions for a new fridge water filter said to flush 4 gallons through before use. Used a chopstick, measuring cup, and bucket so I wouldn’t have to hold it.”

9. “Aluminum foil used as wrapping paper — it’s cheaper and looks cooler.”

10. When your arms are short:

11. “The power was out and I had to charge my phone.”

12. “I can’t believe it took me so long to think of this! A Sharpie and a pair of scissors later, and my too-long bath mat is perfect!”

13. “Heinz wood glue applicator — squeezes precisely and predictively every time for years now.”

14. Going on a run or a walk with no pockets? Hook any keys you need onto the back of a hat!

15. “Making the truck fit in the garage”

16. “A system that prevents problems with toddlers”

17. “If the water bottles don’t fit in the basket, then you can do this.”

18. “No stores around me had any spigot insulators in stock so I had to improvise. We’re expecting 9°F tonight. Also, there’s a Carhartt beanie inside the cup.”

Have you ever seen a DIY car mobile mount using a plunger? Well, it might sound unusual but ’’fixes’’ like this one are everywhere around us, as people’s imaginations never dry out.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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