18 Pets That Have Mastered the Art of Camouflage to Perfection

year ago

Animals can be very clever at hiding. Some do it for survival, others just for fun. Or so it seems when cats, dogs, and even domestic birds try to go unnoticed in the strangest hiding places, such as a fruit bowl or their human’s sweater.

In Now I’ve Seen Everything, we compiled pictures of pets with which it makes no sense to play hide-and-seek because they would win anyway.

1. “I couldn’t find Speedball anywhere, I look up, and this smug little face is looking at me”

2. The game is called “Find the odd one out.”

3. “In the final minutes of my cake day, I give you my dog, Leon, as a chess piece!”

4. “My wife fell asleep, and I could not find the cat for 15 minutes.”

5. “It’s been 5 hours. I haven’t been found yet.”

6. “Woke up and couldn’t find Pippi for a minute!”

7. “So, my cat had to go to the emergency vet today.”

8. “Yes, we did buy the bed because it matched her.”

9. There are 2 cats in this photo.

10. “There’s a tiny lizard on my sink.”

11. How many avocados do you see here?

12. Can you spot the dog here?

13. “My rug has a tail.”

14. “Went to take a nap and found my bed purring.”

15. “I been looking all over the house for my dog for a whole hour. I couldn’t find her.”

16. “My cat, just waiting to be stepped on.”

17. Has anyone seen my dog?

18. Ninja level camouflage

What is your pet’s favorite hiding place?


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