18 Photos That Show Our Furry Friends Get More Adorable as Time Passes By

2 years ago

Proud parents fill up their phones’ storage with cute photos of literally every step their baby takes, and pet parents are no different. Our beloved baby animals grow up very quickly, and they turn into beautiful adult animals in the blink of an eye. And when we compare their before and after photos we can’t help but feel a bittersweet taste of nostalgia.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered the most touching now and then photos of pets growing up together with their owners.

“9 years difference in the pictures. They are still in separable.”

“Same girl, 10 years difference.”

“One year difference. The only thing that’s changed is size!”

“Here’s my cat 2 years later.”

“I knew I’d want to compare these photos!”

“He still looks like a toy 1 year later but a bit angrier...”

Just 1 year apart.

“Wiggles and me 13+ years later!”

“Our first Christmas together vs our fourteenth Christmas together!”

“8 weeks vs 5.5 years later and she’s still my little munchkin.”

“Same door, same dog”

3 years apart

“My boyfriend insisted that getting a dog was a bad idea. On the left is day 1, and on the right is the nonsense he lets her get away with now, 2 years later.”

Hand for scale.

“And now he can’t fit on that shelf.”

Who would’ve thought that it’d grow into such a big cat?

“Same expression 4 years apart.”

“I rescued the cat off the street. Photos before and after. One year difference.”

We’re sure that you have similar pics with your pets, and we really want to see them!

Preview photo credit texasvalhund / Reddit


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