18 Pictures That Definitely Need an Explanation

2 years ago

No matter how many years go by on this Earth and how many things we see, there will always be stuff that amazes us. Pizzas that are very wrongly cut and other mistakes that people do while on the job will always be fun to watch. But maybe they are not entirely fun sometimes since they can turn out to be very tricky at times.

Now I’ve Seen Everything stumbled upon 18 pictures that we’d really love to have an explanation for.

1. Fixed the wall like a boss.

2. “They ’moved’ my bike to work on the street light.”

3. “In my new deck, I got these 2 cards that were mildly printed wrong.”

4. “My niece said I was going bald, so unprompted, she cut off a lock of her hair for me. I hope the scotch tape holds.”

5. “When you order a pizza during finals week in a college town”

6. “Saw this flatbed hauling a crazy coupe this morning.”

7. “Mario’s mustache is on the wrong side of his nose.”

8. “My sister’s school spelled ’school’ wrong on the spine of the yearbook.”

9. “Instead of removing this sign that was blue tacked to the wall, the bricklayer built a wall on top of it.”

10. “This Fanta is in the wrong colored bottle.”

11. “Yes, north, east, south, east...”

12. “This car is using the wrong part of the cancer ribbon magnet.”

13. “One of the fortunes from dinner”

14. “This men’s room has the ’men’ label on the outside, but when viewed when leaving, it appears that you’ve walked into the wrong room.”

15. “The family tree on this life insurance card makes no sense.”

16. “Labeled the produce, boss.”

17. “This convenience store wear path”

18. Just don’t have an emergency over there.

Which one of the situations shown above would make you stop for a moment and try to understand what you’re looking at?

Preview photo credit NichoHS / reddit


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