20 People Who Came Out of Their Old Shells as Brand New People

2 years ago

Some animals shed their old skin or shells in order to make room for growth. The same logic can be applied to humans as well. If we want to become better individuals, we may need to leave our old habits and change a few things so we can transform into new and improved versions of ourselves.

Now I’ve Seen Everything compiled before-and-after pics of people who decided to grow out of their shells so they could move into a healthier and happier stage of their life.

1. “A lifetime of obesity and anxiety behind me”

2. This is a completely new person in just 2 years.

3. Is that the same person? Wow!

4. A massive difference in 13 months

5. Willpower and consistency transformed her in only 18 months.

6. “I am proud of myself for coming so far, but I have a long way to go before I feel completely comfortable in my skin.”

7. “Exactly 4 years ago vs today”

8. “I almost can’t believe I’ve come this far. Weight Watchers and intermittent fasting were how I lost it all!”

9. “I don’t even recognize myself sometimes!”

10. “Exactly 3 years ago today and the same skirt on me today”

11. “It’s been a little over 1.5 years since I have been kicking it into gear, and slow and steady is the way to go!”

12. “The old me at 18 vs the new me at age 28”

13. “The next plan is bodybuilding competing!”

14. Well, looks like an incredible feat.

15. “Happy, healthy, and confident. I’m back!”

16. “Hello, bone structure!”

17. 2.5 years apart!

18. “I’m so happy to say I’m maintaining my healthy weight after all this time.”

19. “Just over 6 months apart from my largest until now.”

20. “Lost 161 lb. It’s unreal to be so much closer to my end goal than I ever imagined I’d get.”

Were you startled and motivated by any of these transformation stories? What’s your motivation story? We’d be happy to listen to yours.


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