19 Photos That Are Overflowing With Tenderness

2 years ago

When we learn about what’s going on in the world from watching the news, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed because of the sheer amount of negative things you usually hear. However, there are still places on the Internet where people come to share sweet and cuddly photos that can make anyone feel better in a second. There, you can find a hamster driving a tiny shopping cart or kids discovering the joy of playing with fallen leaves for the first time.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything made this compilation to share these wonderful moments with you.

1. “Heard meowing under our porch a week ago. Now, this is how we spend our mornings.”

2. “I just wanted to show my daughter off, because she is so great and I love her so much. I mean, look at that smile...”

3. “Muffin the hamster going for a ride!”

4. A kitten indeed.

5. “My soon-to-be 2-year-old twins just discovered leaf piles for the first time. I love moments like these.”

6. “I was looking through my husband’s camera roll and found this picture of me and my son that I had never seen before. I can’t stop looking at it.”

7. “Sibling time”

8. “Made this rocking chair in ’97, when I was 14. Now I realized it belongs to my son.”

9. “I knew my dog loved babies but seeing him love my own daughter makes my heart burst.”

10. “Found her crying in my street a month ago. I think she’s happy now!”

11. “Bless my Lucy.”

12. “Just adopted my second kit and they love each other so much.”

13. “She got what she wanted for Christmas.”

14. A cup of yawning fur baby!

15. “Despite all the cozy spots I’ve provided my fosters, Murph still prefers the keyboard.”

16. “Just introduced her to the dogs after 4 weeks... I believe it to be a success.”

17. “This is Leela, my 1-week-old rescued bottle baby.”

18. “He refuses to move his paws away from my arm!”

19. “Taking care of our son while mom naps.”

What is your go-to photo of your pet or child that, whenever you look at it, makes everything better and recharges you with positive energy? We would absolutely love to see it!

Preview photo credit m*****allthewookiees / reddit


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