20 Minuscule Annoyances That Can Erode Our Composure

8 months ago

Getting up on the wrong side of the bed can happen often. And sometimes, the people around us just add fuel to the fire by doing things that make our blood boil. Like eating all the tasty skin off the chicken or labeling a package to show there’s more chocolate when it’s not true. Here are some annoying things we encounter every day.

1. “My dad does this to avoid cutting pepperoni”

2. “When I went out to shut off the smoker and put the cover on, I come back to my wife having eaten all the skin”

3. No, this one’s not bigger. They’re the same size.

4. Who would think that this is a good idea?

5. “People in my house insist on not removing the entire seal and have the audacity to use the same spoon for the peanut butter and the jelly!”

6. 2 pieces of toast that were made in the same toaster for the same amount of time.

7. No explanation needed.

8. “My food got delivered right in front of my screen door so I can’t open it without knocking it all over.”

9. “I reached for this fry like 3 times. It’s printed on the paper.”

10. The maximum volume of this radio is definitely mildly infuriating.

11. The packaging to content ratio is just not appropriate anymore.

12. People who do this with their shopping carts

13. “My dad always leaves it like this.”

14. What living with a 3-year-old looks like

15. “There was no cheese in my cheese-stick.”

16. When you open an ice cream cone to find this:

17. Why?

19. “My little sister did this to 2 of our chocolate bars.”

19. “A ’medium’ and a ’large’ orange juice”

20. “This girl at the airport waits until the queue moves all the way forward to move. People confronted her and she said ‘it’s the same if i move now or later’”

Sometimes, the people around us do things that just leave you flabbergasted. It’s often the kids who surprise us the most.


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