20 People Who Were Having a Normal Day Before Finding Themselves in Very Bizarre Situations

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When we spend our days at a desk at work or focus on our daily activities, there aren’t many things that can thrill us, which makes getting into the routine of a typical weekday monotonous and tedious. In these kinds of circumstances, spotting something funny, such as a dog sticking out in an unexpected way or a strangely shaped tree, can completely turn our day upside down and uplift our attitude.

1. “My parents gave me a gift for college today, which was all the money that my mom found in my pockets when doing my laundry.”

2. “Did I do something wrong?”

3. “This dog pooped while standing on his front paws.”

4. “Every year I try to disguise my sister’s Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far.”

5. “I made my cat an eyepatch and he rocked it.”

6. “Today a cockroach climbed onto my toothbrush.”

7. “I left my clog out in the rain and it sprouted.”

8. “My boyfriend’s grocery receipt”

9. “Look at this on my flight back home.”

10. “Thank you, delivery.”

11. “I found this tree today.”

12. “My wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he’s still under the influence.”

13. “How my girlfriend ’handled’ a spider and is too scared to clean it up.”

14. “I saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse.”

15. “I got a receipt baked into my pizza.”

16. “I ordered a box of pop-its. It came wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap. I’ve never been so confused in my life.”

17. “A great start for my day, they fell off when I was walking to school.”

18. “I saw this guy in class today, and yes, that is cheese.”

19. “I had to cut down a tree in my yard and now I feel bad.”

20. “You are not going to believe what happened while you were gone.”

Have you ever captured a humorous moment that makes you chuckle every time you see it?


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