20 People Who Worked Hard for Their Ideal Body and Achieved It

2 years ago

Improving your overall fitness is a challenge, but some have mastered the process of getting it done. With tons of grit, they pushed forward until they met their goal weight, and the end results are beyond belief. Whether they lost 200 lb or a few dozen, they’re glowing brighter than ever, and that’s all the motivation we need.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected inspiring stories about weight loss that will have you clapping for these strangers.

1. “I lost 170 lb in less than 2 years.”

2. “It’s a freezing cold winter but I won’t put away my crop tops now that I’ve hit my goal weight.”

3. “Happy no matter what, but happy and healthy is a nice bonus.”

4. “A loss of 125 lb in 2 and a half years, been in maintenance for most of 2021.”

5. “From food addict to fitness addict”

6. “Christmas 2018 vs Christmas 2020”

7. “Day to day, I don’t always see the changes, but then a pic like this pops up and I feel proud of how far I’ve come!”

8. “All bodies are good bodies. But seeing the evidence of my progress helps me feel accomplished!”

9. “There have been ups and downs to it, but I wouldn’t change even a moment!”

10. His “after” looks like a completely different person.

11. “Completed 75 hard and reached my 100 lb lost in a year goal.”

12. The frown to smile transformation is really awesome.

13. It’s transformative and inspirational.

14. “I was at the breaking point when I started. I couldn’t even tie my own shoes.”

15. “I’m so happy I finally stuck with it! I still have more to go but I know I’ll get there!”

16. “Hitting the maintenance groove 3 months in, finally feeling totally free.”

17. He looks amazing, and we bet he feels tons better.

18. She looks great in both photos, but her look now is the best because of that smile.

19. “Finally hit my goal. 200 lb gone and I feel better than ever.”

20. “I bet my friend that in 2020 I’d get fit.”

Have you gone through a transformation too? Or is there anything you’d like to change about yourself? We’d love to hear about it!

Preview photo credit AeronDusk / Reddit


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