20+ People Whose Pets Are All About Hugs and Cuddles

2 years ago

Being a parent to a dog, a cat, or even a piglet can have its ups and downs. Our pets might scratch our closet doors or chew on our shoes, but there’s one priceless thing that makes it all worth it. A hug or a cuddle from our pets at the end of the day can make all of our worries fade away.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes in the healing power of hugs, and here are some that will warm your heart.

“She likes to sleep on me while I float.”

“This is how we sleep when it’s cold.”

“I finally caught my fiancé having a nap with my baby and I’m crying they’re so sweet.”

“My dog Többe loves napping and cuddling.”

“2 minutes after putting on a movie”

The best place to sleep

“In case anyone is wondering how we sleep at night, we sleep on this mama’s face.”

“Just taking a nap with lil’ Jerry...”

“My dog gave birth to this sweet little puppy that loves to sleep on her back like this.”

“Waffles is sleeping in a very normal position.”

“My husband complains all the time that the cats don’t cuddle with him. Here’s a photo of him and Lightning napping together.”

“My husband and the cat sleeping together — I love this picture of them.”

“She went from being scared of everyone to sleeping with a smile on her face and cuddling.”

“My husband is napping with our foster kitty and using a hat instead of closing the shades so that she can enjoy the sunshine. This is love!”

It seems they feel quite comfortable together.

“She won’t go to sleep when it thunderstorms unless I hold her like this.”

“My nephew and my cat, Virola. Lazy inseparable friends...”

“I caught them sleeping together. Both were snoring.”

“Yes, we sleep together.”

“My girlfriend and my dog love to sleep together.”

“My dad and our new puppy enjoying nap time together”

“My 2 favorite boys! They love sleeping together!”

It seems they feel quite comfortable together.

“Pro cuddle tip: Blend in with their favorite chair so that they’ll snuggle you forever.”

Does your pet sleep with you?

Preview photo credit s***desperado / Reddit


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