20+ Pics That Are Sweeter Than a Drop of Honey

2 years ago

study says that when we look at something that is overly cute, our brain can get aggressive. This is why we often feel like squeezing the cheeks of a baby. But most of all, adorable sights put us in a good mood and have the power to turn a bad day upside down. That is why they hold a special place in our hearts. After all, most of us like to reopen our childhood albums from time to time or spend endless hours watching sweet clips of playful pets online.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we believe that without cuteness our life would be so boring and basic. We have gathered a collection of pics that will add twinkles of positivity to your day.

1. ’’Found him hiding in my pillow case, he seemed more shocked than me!’’

2. “My daughter pooped, then pulled this face.”

3. “9 pm NY eve. Only the hottest men party like this.”

“My husband after 16 hours of work looks after our baby.”

4. “Baby turtle I found on a walk.”

5. “Mom worried that he would be scared of pets.”

6. “Saw my son’s flip flops and decided to try them on. Perfect fit! For my toes.”

7. “My baby cousin looks almost identical to a Cabbage Patch Kid.”

8. “Rescued a Kitty from sure death and cloaked her in the security of my beard.”

9. “Baby Ella does sports.”

“I set the camera on a timer, taking a picture every second and hold Ella in the different positions I need. Later, I photoshop all the parts together and remove myself from the picture to make a final composite photo.”

10. ’’A baby squirrel climbing onto my work boot today.’’

11. “Like father, like son. Wife took these while we both snoozed.”

12. “Found these 2 sleeping like this.”

13. “Love is awesome. My 90-year-old grandpa didn’t move from this spot for 4 days after my grandma’s open-heart surgery.”

14. ’’My niece made a friend today.’’

15. “As a single dad, this pretty much sums up my life right now.”

16. “It’s hard to be masculine with a 2-year-old daughter.”

17. “How it started VS How it’s going. I have to brag because I’m so proud of her.”

18. “My heart is full.”

19. “My father-in-law made a tiny picnic table for squirrels and put on the tablecloth and centerpiece.”

20. “Had to stay late at work, came home to this.”

21. ’’After 4 years of begging, my mom finally let my dad get a puppy!’’

What is your usual reaction when you see something really adorable? Which photo from your family album makes your heart melt?

Preview photo credit prof_procrastinate / Reddit


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