20 Pics That Reveal Their Drama When You Focus Your Eyes

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Like treasure buried in the sand, some images can appear normal and even boring. Still, when you dig into their history, they can become something quite interesting. In cases like this, we need to pay utmost attention to reveal what lies beneath the surface. Here are some surprising examples.

1. “I was born without finger or toe prints.”

2. “I spilled toner on my shoe and it kind of looks like fireworks.”

3. “This sofa set made out of red bricks”

4. “5 days before rifle season for Whitetail Deer and look who I get to see. I don’t recall ever seeing a 3-antlered deer before.”

5. “My 3.5-year-old ran inside to go to the bathroom but apparently took a detour for a fistful of brownies. There’s a handprint in the middle of the pan.”

6. “This is a picture of a rare phenomenon. It’s a photo of the elusive green flash — an optical phenomenon that can occasionally be observed at sunset. I’d looked for this many times throughout my life.”

7. “One of my forks came uncut.”

8. This is not just a big tree, it’s the largest and heaviest organism on Earth. This redwood even has its own name: General Sherman. Its age is also impressive, from 2,300 to 2,700 years, according to various estimates.

9. “I left my transition lenses next to my window with closed blinds for quite a few hours.”

10. “At this time of the year, on a sunny day, my house number is projected onto my stairs by the etched glass in my door.”

11. “This is the size of the hail falling outside my house right now. It’s spring.”

12. “My brother found a tulip petal that seamlessly combined with its leaf.”

13. “I have fraternal thumbs, one from each parent due to a genetic mutation on my dad’s side.”

14. “The way these drops formed on my blackberry leaves”

  • This process is called hydathode, also known as the “weeping of plants” (a note from Now I’ve Seen Everything).

15. “This onion I forgot about for 2 months. It was in a closed plastic bag, I’m surprised it didn’t rot.”

16. “This is Roxy. We had never had her off-leash outside before. It’s just not safe for her. I decided to give her a try off-leash. I had never seen her behave like this before. She leaped from the leash and ran into the flowers, running up the hill like mad.”

17. “They brought the shoes, saying, ’The leather is cracked everywhere.’ The most interesting thing is that the cracks were not on the leather, but on the cream put on for many years.”

18. These are not alien eggs, but just a vegetable garden with Chinese cabbage.

19. “The amount of hair my daughter had at 2 months old!”

20. “My daughter’s doll came with a realistic cell phone.”

Preview photo credit LoganXup / Reddit, hobojen / Reddit


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