20 Unlucky People Who Could Use a Four-Leaf Clover

year ago

Going through some tough luck can be a pain. But it might help to remember that bad days are temporary, and you’ll get your fair share of good ones too. So when things don’t go your way, just take a deep breath and charge it to experience. Then look forward to the next day when you can have your fresh start.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that rough times can help us to appreciate the better days all the more, and we’ve gathered 20 photos that show what “the chaos before the calm” looks like.

1. “My truck is in the shop so I’ve been biking to work. This morning, my bike broke and when I went to take it back inside, my door handle fell off.”

2. “Lost my phone in the woods, then I found it. But a car found it first.”

3. “Mother Nature decided that this BMW should be a convertible.”

4. “Not only did Grandpa already have this shirt, but he was also wearing it when he unwrapped it.”

5. “Someone locked my bike with their own bike lock.”

6. “No bueno”

7. “Flew 13 hours to Hawaii to see Volcanoes National Park.”

8. “The in-laws invited us over for dinner; it was a trap.”

9. “I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for a rather expensive toilet so we can fit it at a client’s house. It has finally arrived.”

10. “A paint crew on my roof dropped a paint can on my balcony and tried to sweep it up with my personal broom.”

11. “Just pulled into our campsite 720 km away from home.”

12. “I’m a solar roofer, and we are required to wear gloves while we work. It’s only May.”

13. “Someone’s in for a rough afternoon”

14. “Thieves stole my steering wheel, now I can only drive straight.”

15. “I guess some birds had a poop party above my driveway last night.”

16. “The hair clippers died.”

17. “When you forget your gloves on a cold, windy day”

18. “Just arrived for a 2-week dog-sitting job and smashed my back windshield on the storage cupboards in their garage.”

19. “My 11-month-old son just hit me in the face with his toy and broke my tooth in half.”

20. “This was in my order, which was aptly named ’Curry Surprise.’”

What is one thing that can turn your good day into a bad one? What’s the worst present you’ve ever received? Tell us about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit sharkdad420 / Reddit


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