20+ Usual Things You Can Not See Everyday Like They Are Here

5 months ago

In our everyday lives, things we often ignore can actually be pretty amazing. Like noticing how a snowflake has an unusual shape, or realizing how teeth really grow. These surprises are everywhere, just waiting for us to pay attention. Even stuff we think is boring can actually be really cool if we look closely.

“One of my mums snow globes has gone black.”

  • Before it turned black, was the “snow” glittery? Sometimes the glitter can “melt” and turn a muddy color. This also happens with glitter nail polishes sometimes. © lilmeeble / Reddit

“Our decaff coffee occasionally bleeds through the cup. It never happens with regular.”

“This car that has been parked in my street for some weeks now is slowly claimed by nature.”

“A swing made from a carbon fiber hydrofoil that was no longer needed”

“There is a bronze statue of a pool floatie at my local pool.”

Insane craftsmanship

“When I microwave my coffee in this mug, it comes out the handle.”

  • Basically it’s highly unsanitary and you shouldn’t use that mug any more except as decoration. © Zathura2 / Reddit

Backpack cage — why not?

A chessboard for 3 players.

This apple knows a thing or 2 about style.

“It was snowing today. But instead of snowflakes, there were snow sticks.”

“This hard-boiled egg with a double yolk looks like little buttocks.”

“This plant that formed its roots to this vase.”

Snowman Totoro.

“My Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone fore-edge painted book, featuring a secret Platform 9 3/4 scene on the edges of the pages!”

“My Nutty Buddy has 459 written into it.”

“That lonely rectangular cloud.”

“A woman used 13,000 pennies to renovate an old floor.”

“An old barn covered in poison ivy during an ice storm.”

“The pattern on a century egg I just peeled.”

  • They’re regular chickens’ eggs, which have been preserved in a salt and alkaline solution for around 3 months to change the eggs’ proteins to a jelly-like consistency and the colour to dark green-black. © albertoballsalm / Reddit
  • Do you.... eat them? Or are they for decoration? © radclaw1 / Reddit
  • You eat them. Usually with congee or rice. It’s delicious and creamy but not a lot of my friends like them, even the Asian ones. It’s more of a texture ick than a taste ick for them tho. © whatwedoindaytona / Reddit

“This elevator has no floor numbers, but height in meters above ground level.”

“You can see my kittens’ little teeth but they haven’t broken the gum surface yet.”

“I mixed 2 types of shower gel.”

  • Be careful mixing soaps and other bathroom and kitchen chemicals. I had a coworker get a chemical burn from mixing soaps. © sadpanda___ / Reddit

“These lemons at the coffee bar have little hairnets.”

Every day, amazing things surround us, waiting to be noticed. By embracing the present and opening our eyes to the wonders of the everyday, we uncover the extraordinary in the most unexpected places.

Preview photo credit MeddyVeddy / Reddit


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