21 Hooligan Designers Who Know How to Make People Laugh Their Souls Out

year ago

The world is so full of bizarre things that were created by some hyper-inventive minds. Sometimes, we can come across things whose concept is so unimaginable to us, the only thing we can do is ask ourselves what we’re really looking at. Nevertheless, being in touch with things we are not used to is all part of the fun we can have in life.

1. “My province recently unveiled its new ’World’s Largest Cheeto.’”

2. “This corner table at an airbnb”

3. “G8er boi”

4. “Mushroom car”

5. “This phone-box has a defibrillator in it.”

6. “This little half baked cookie”

7. “Found this in a thrift store. It’s a cotton shirt but the design on it is photographs of jeans. $500.”

8. “I passed a chicken limo while working.”

9. “Fine dining in Las Vegas.”

10. “Everyone likes doilies”

11. “Beautiful sculpture. Just not sure I want to brush the dust out of its hair each month.”

12. “Garden foot creature.”

13. “Armored Crocs”

14. “Let’s have a cup of teeth.”

15. “This is weirdly amazing.”

16. “Seen in downtown Nashville.”

17. “An entire functional wall clock purse”

18. “Spotted at a McDonald’s”

19. “Cute yet also so wrong.”

20. “These picnic tables with swings for seats”

21. “Been going to the bathroom for 48 years...never saw anything but a straight perforation before.”

Have you ever found something so unexpected that you thought your eyes were deceiving you? What was it? We would love to know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Gundam07 / Reddit


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