21 Women Who Showed a Small Change to Your Nose Can Go a Long Way

2 years ago

Many people decide to have a rhinoplasty in order to have the nose they always dreamed of, resulting in a completely new appearance. Sometimes, when they have this plastic surgery, their face changes in such a way that it becomes difficult to believe that they are the same person.

Now I’ve Seen Everything compiled 21 pictures in which different women show the before and after of their surgery.

1. “This is how amazing her change is 4 years after rhinoplasty.”

2. “Remarkable change 2 years after surgery.”

3. “Before and after 15 months”

4. “After 7 weeks”

5. “The difference between the photos is 3 months.”

6. “I had a rhinoplasty 13 years ago. Here are some before and after pictures.”

7. “Spectacular after 4 years”

8. “Beautiful change 3 years after rhinoplasty.”

9. “It’s a pleasure to see how a beautiful person can become much more beautiful.”

10. “Because the right surgery changes many things”

11. “2 years after rhinoplasty. The change is wonderful.”

12. “A little more than 1 year after her secondary rhinoplasty, she looks as beautiful as this.”

13. “Big changes with small tweaks.”

14. “After the first year”

15. “Before and after 3 months”

16. “She has been feeling more confident and beautiful than ever for several months now!”

17. “Delighted with the result”

18. “Only one month after the operation!”

19. “Don’t just change the look of your nose. Balance your entire face to bring out the best in your facial features.”

20. “After the first monthly control”

21. “After the tenth month”

Have you ever considered having surgery to modify any part of your body?

Preview photo credit op.dr.abugracengiz / instagram


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