22 Animals Who Are too Unique for Their Own Kin

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Not everyone is born perfect. Like us humans, animals are sometimes also born differently by bearing a unique feature or two that sets them apart from others. For instance, imagine a cat with 4 ears and 1 eye or a dog born with no teeth. Below we have listed some amazing instances to celebrate their differences.

1. “Amelia and her two-faced cat.”

2. Is this a dog or a unicorn?

3. Quirkiest and most interesting dog face

4. “Elli was born with tuxedo markings and turned almost completely white after 3 years due to vitiligo.”

5. This gorilla has unique human-like fingers.

6. This bird has the fanciest curls.

7. The most adorable face from a dog who’s really loved.

8. This albino dog has the most mesmerizing eyes.

9. A rare polka-dotted zebra

10. It’s impossible to stop looking at this eye-catching cat.

11. The only pink manta in the whole world.

12. “This uniquely colored Blacknose Sheep. The only one I’ve ever seen like him.”

13. “Meet Sable, the 1 in 100,000 melanics (opposite of albino) Barn Owl that wasn’t rejected by its mother.”

14. “My angry ball of feathers, Mary”

15. Rare Munchkin and Persian mix that is mostly blind and the size of a water bottle

16. This dog has her face tattooed on her ear.

17. This donkey for sure has the most special fur and is making sure everybody knows it.

18. This duck named Elsa has got the fanciest hat.

19. Elegant and groomed hairstyles

20. This kitten has a tiny cat mark on his face.

21. “Frankie was born with four ears and an eye deformity but he’s still purrfect.”

22. “This is Mr. Poppins. He has no teeth.”


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