23 People That Were Lucky Enough to Have the Mother-In-Law of Their Dreams

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Many of us can say that entering into a romantic relationship means coping with a high degree of uncertainty. It is normal to have ups and downs, but if on top of that you add to the mix a bad relationship with your partner’s mother, you can safely say you’re in for some trouble. The good news is that not all mothers-in-law are hard to deal with. Some will just accept you with open arms, sometimes even as if they were their own flesh and blood.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered images that show how peachy life can be when your mother-in-law becomes your second mother. Don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article!

1. “My mother-in-law made this wooden Monopoly set for me and my husband!”

2. “My mother-in-law made me this vintage inspired wedding dress.”

3. “My mother-in-law made me this crazy cake for my birthday.”

4. “My mother-in-law made me some socks for Christmas! They are incredibly soft.”

5. “Lucky me, got this from mother-in-law. Was my father-in-law’s turntable. Was going on the junk pile after being in the garage for 20 years. After a clean, good as new. Only dustcover is missing. Father-in-law may never know 😂”

6. “Mother-in-law noticed my half dollar on my keys and said she had a gift for me. Talk about an upgrade!”

7. “I’m the luckiest nuera alive! my mother-in-law made me a special vegan meal alongside the rest of the dinner ❤️ So grateful.”

8. “The wedding cake my mother-in-law made for my wedding. She had kept it a top-secret project until the day of for me and my bride. The cake is a ’fake cake’ but nonetheless we were really surprised!”

9. “Too Hogwartsy? My sweet mother-in-law moved in and I wanted to display her family pictures for her, and I’m extra.”

10. “My future mother-in-law made me this shirt for Christmas. I love it! Even has a pocket. Zoom in.”

11. “Laker fam, I just got MARRIED and my mother-in-law made me the best grooms-cake I could’ve asked for.”

12. “Casserole, courtesy of my mother-in-law. A marvel.”

13. “My mother-in-law knows I’m into Marvel, so she made me Groot using a technique called paper quilling.”

14. “Mother-in-law mix”

15. “Mother-in-law scored me this little beauty from Walmart for $15!!!”

16. “Mother-in-law found this trove in her attic and was nice enough to gift me this haul!”

17. “Mother-in-law just brought me over my ’birthday cake’ 😂😂😂 it is perfect!”

18. “The first month at my mother-in-law’s vs 1 year later.”

19. “My mother-in-law made this lovely mermaid-themed cake for my daughter’s birthday.”

20. “My mother-in-law gifted us this amazing ’80s Olle Andersson lamp that my partner grew up with. Any ideas for a shade that would look good with it?”

21. “My soon to be mother-in-law has been sending us these pieces to a spooky village over the past 2 years. It’s finally looking good!”

22. “This box of chocolate my mother-in-law brought over. That’s a pretty good sized banana.”

23. “My now wife and I are on our honeymoon for a week, and my mother-in-law, who was scared of our dragon, is finally coming around now that she’s taking care of her for a week. Gemini is being a good girl.”

Bonus: Father-in-laws are not left behind

1. “Father-in-law gifted me his 1976 Gibson Les Paul. Belongs in a show room”

2. “Father-in-law gave us his old collection. 100 + records. You all know you can smell it!”

3. “Father-in-law was having a clear out, sent some things my way :-)”

What is the nicest detail your mother-in-law has ever done for you?

Preview photo credit whompyjawed / Reddit


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