15 Cleaning Before And After Photos of Old Things

2 years ago

The heroes of this article definitely know that cleaning helps you stay fit and keep your home squeaky clean.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything were amazed by how cleaning old things can transform them.

1. “My dad’s watering can”

If you were looking for satisfying before and after cleaning photos, look no further! And we are starting strong, we could not even make out the color of this watering can before it got cleaned.

2. “Before and after of an interlock patio I cleaned up yesterday”

3. “First time cleaning it in 13 years”

4. ’’Cleaning a platinum ring that hasn’t been cleaned for 20+ years’’

There is nothing more satisfying in the category of cleaner pictures than a good jewelry result. We would not even have guessed that that ring needed cleaning, but oh boy were we wrong.

5. ’’I brought a pressure washer to try and clean things up.’’

6. ’’I scrubbed a ceiling rose clean with a toothbrush whilst renovating a house.’’

7. ’’The way my $5 thrift store coffee pot cleaned up’’

We should all get into thrifting, who knew such gems can be found! And then you can get popular online for posting excellent before and after cleaning pics of your gems. Then again, you would need to know how to clean things so thoroughly, we might need to take a few classes.

8. “I cleaned a very hairy car today.”

9. “I forgot that the table is made of transparent glass.”

10. ’’Picked up this old concrete park table as a freebie. Had to take the power cleaner to it.’’

At first glance, we would have totally bought that that dark gray color was real, it kinda looks like marbling. But nope, it was just dirt.

11. ’’I cleaned my coffee mug today. Great result!’’

12. ’’Before-and-after photos of pressure washing the stone wall in front of my house’’

13. “I cleaned my deck chairs.”

We love images of cleaning done in progress, it proves that the item was not replaced for a new one. And this is the perfect example. Just imagine how satisfying the cleaning must have been. We need to find something dirty and clean it now! We are sure we will not have to search too long.

14. The knobs of a very old cabinet

15. “Before and after cleaning the bathroom vent”

Do you enjoy cleaning or consider it a heavy task that you have to do from time to time?
Do you believe that a clean house can make us happier in life?

Preview photo credit T***Russell / Reddit


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