26 Pics That Prove Children’s Thoughts Defy Any Logic

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Even though they are our closest and most beloved beings, it is still impossible to predict what’s going on in our children’s minds and what they’ll do next. And the moment they get so quiet is when parents are most nervous, because they know that a major and probably unpleasant surprise is coming their way.

Now I’ve Seen Everything admires the colorful and vibrant imagination that kids have. Here are some situations that are equally absurd and fascinating.

1. How he sleeps

2. ’’My son eating a banana.’’

3. “This is how my 13-year-old nephew does his homework.”

4. “We asked her to get in the stroller!”

5. “I asked my 6 y.o. why he used so much toilet paper. He said he wanted the cardboard cylinder for arts and crafts.”

6. “Me, years ago. I am vengeance. I am the night. I am the master of stealth. I am Babyman! I just tried to hide from the world.”

7. “I’m currently babysitting, and I walked in on my niece doing this.”

8. ’’My daughter tried to help season the potatoes.’’

9. “My daughter keeps wearing fur-lined footwear to play in the leaves.”

10. “I wanted to make sure the pliers were sharp.”

11. “He was mad that he didn’t get to go to Taco Bell so he tried to eat a cardboard box.”

12. “He asked if he could bring this umbrella in case it rains.”

13. “Apparently the fox is watching over the bedroom and on guard.”

14. “My wife asked the 10-year-old to take his pillow upstairs (meaning his bedroom).”

15. “It seems directions were needed.”

16. “My son didn’t want to be a tiger or a superhero, he wanted to be a traffic light.”

17. “I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”

18. “I took my daughter to the petting zoo today...or should I say pillow zoo.”

19. “I asked the 9-year-old to put on a new roll.”

20. “I asked them to line up their shoes.”

21. “My daughter got her head stuck in the door, she was the one holding the door closed.”

22. “My daughter was feeling sick when she went to bed, so I gave her a bucket in case she had to throw up. This is how I found her later.”

23. “My daughter decided to charge her water bottle.”

24. ’’I come home to my purple son, painted by my daughter.’’

25. ’’She’s so into smelling her feet lately.’’

26. ’’He insisted putting a band aid on after loosing a tooth.’’

What kind of kid were you? What weird or funny things did you do when you were small?

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