A Vietnamese Tattoo Artist Gives People Beauty and Confidence by Hiding Their Scars Under Her Designs

10 months ago

Without a doubt, every body is beautiful. However, individuals with delicate scars or other visible undesired marks might find it challenging to embrace this perspective. Keeping this in consideration, Ngoc Like, a skilled tattoo artist hailing from Vietnam, is performing remarkable feats with her extraordinary talent.

Her expertise lies in concealing scars and other bodily blemishes with exquisite tattoos. As a result, she enables people to rediscover their confidence and reclaim contentment with their bodies.

During her college years, Ngoc Like underwent training to become a professional designer. SShe believed that relying on artistic talent alone was not enough to effectively camouflage different types of scars. As a result, she dedicated herself to extensive research. In her opinion, each individual type of scar has its own set of characteristics and properties.

Therefore, it’s essential to invest time and effort into researching carefully in order to cover the scars in the most optimal way.

Ngoc Like holds the belief that tattooing serves not only to enhance the appearance of her clients but also to safeguard their health. Drawing from the desires and inclinations of the client, along with careful consideration of the scar’s arrangement and composition, she formulates a tailored design concept. This concept is fashioned to harmonize with both the scar’s attributes and the individual’s distinct personality.

For her, perfection is not the goal, because she believes that the most important thing is to turn one’s flaws into their advantages.

Imperfections elicit feelings of shame and discontent among individuals, driving them to seek transformation. Numerous clients have approached Like, expressing that they had never previously contemplated getting a tattoo due to the negative implications traditionally linked with such body art. However, witnessing the endeavors she pursued altered their perspective, prompting them to take the leap and place their faith in her skills.

Most of her customers are adults in their fifties to early nineties. Like says they are all polite, lovely people from all over the country. She also often spends time chatting with them so that she can share, learn, and listen to their interesting experiences.

Ngoc Like has been trying to develop her business and do her job better by building a Youtube channel, Ngoc Like Tattoo, to convey the message of daily self-love by taking care of both the body and mind to the fullest.

She also hopes to contribute to the changing view of society toward the career that she is pursuing. Other than that, Like hopes to be able to take business trips to more cities around the world as soon as possible.

When asked how her clients react when the tattoos are done Like says it’s very emotional. She conveys that it’s akin to a weight being lifted from their hearts, liberating them from long-held preoccupations. Numerous individuals reach out to her, articulating that they perceive a sense of rebirth, shedding the burden of inferiority and embracing a profound sense of wholeness, assurance, and radiance. Witnessing their newfound joy stands as the most invaluable reward for her.

Making the world a better place is something each of us can do. You don’t have to be popular, rich or powerful to do it. It is enough to make people around you happier, as Ngoc Like does. While some people with tattoos make people more confident, others show by example that all people are not perfect. And that’s a great thing.


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