A Woman’s Husband Demanded That She Had to Tell Him Everything About Her Day. The Response Was Hard

7 months ago

All marriages and relationships are different. But many people find it hard to figure out how much they should share and keep private in their relationships. Some partners want to know everything about what their significant other does each day, while others prefer to keep some things to themselves. A woman shared a story about how her husband insists on knowing every detail of her day and how it impacts their marriage.

Here is the story that this woman shared on Reddit: "I and my husband had a huge argument, and he demanded that I HAVE to tell EVERYTHING that happens in my day. I suddenly agreed. He honestly should have thought that was too easy. He knows how I am.

Some time back, I used to tell him a lot about what happened in my day, but when he started causing drama over most of the things, I stopped.

So this time, I told him everything from waking up to walking to the bathroom, breathing, washing hands, drying hands, etc. You get the point.

I will give him credit. He lasted 3 days, then begged me to stop. He apologized a lot and begged forgiveness when I continued doing it. We had a long talk, and now he doesn’t cause drama when discussing our day. He does try to better himself like I do."

P.S. “He’s scared that I’ll suddenly leave him. His ex-wife of 21 years divorced him. I met him shortly afterward, and we were friends for 5 years before we started dating. We’ll get into huge arguments because of his insecurities. Then, cool down and come back to discuss things. However, in our arguments, he never yells or insults me. Generally, he’ll go to his best friend, who has been married for 40+ years, come home, apologize, and then work on the insecurity. That’s why I stay with him, he works at changing himself for the better. He used to be insanely jealous. It took a few months and some reminders, but he changed.

I don’t see it as toxic. I see it as quirks that need to be worked on. He is changing for the better. I thank God that he has a good friend who listens to his complaints and then goes about telling him how wrong he is and how to work on it. I met his friend and his wife. There marriage is amazing. They give out good advice, when we each refuse to budge on a certain thing. I know that he truly loves me though and he has shown it in so many ways.”

  • It’s good that he’s willing to change his abusive tendencies and behaviors for you over time. But if you get tired of being his guide, or if the blowout fights over controlling/possessive behavior, it’s okay to remind yourself of the old reddit saying: “Women are not rehabilitation centers for broken/badly raised men”. It’s great he’s got a little self awareness, but you’ve carried the brunt of forcing changes in him. Just something to think about. DarkElla30 / Reddit
  • My husband needs to tell me play by play, word for word his day at work. I don’t understand why he needs to relive his workday again. And gets if don’t hang on every word. Not my monkeys not my circus, I am not in management anymore and don’t care to ever be again. pandacat3 / Reddit
  • My wife is a veterinary pathologist. We also had very “interesting” dinnertime conversations (parasites, disease vectors, histology sample acquisition, etc.). Our kids’ friends (who often stayed for dinner) were morbidly fascinated. NPHighview / Reddit

Every family has its own rules, habits and relationships between family members. But for sure, we need to appreciate our closest ones, because family has proved to be our most prized possession.

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