At the Age of 102 Iris Apfel, Fashion World Icon, Passed Away. We Decided to Remember Her Legacy Through Lifetime

4 months ago

Iris Apfel, the incredible fashion icon, recently passed away at the impressive age of 102. Known for her big glasses and daring accessories, Iris was a trendsetter throughout her life. From her early days as an interior designer to her later years as a global fashion sensation, she always stood out for her fearless approach to fashion. Let’s take a moment to remember her unique style and bold fashion choices that made her a standout figure.

Her outfits are her legacy.

As we say goodbye to this trailblazer, let’s celebrate Iris Apfel by looking back at her iconic looks. Each outfit reflects her lively spirit and the idea that fashion is all about expressing yourself and having a good time with it.

Some people in comments were kind of shocked and wrote:

Ms. Apfel stood as a remedy to this homogeneity. Her legacy isn’t just in her collection of clothes, but in the boldness and happiness she embraced while wearing them — exactly as she pleased. The next time you open your closet, consider the courage it takes to express yourself, and let Iris Apfel’s spirit inspire you to wear what brings you joy.

Love for beauty and style literally came with mother’s milk to Iris.

Iris Apfel grew up in Queens, New York. She was the only child in the family and often had to entertain herself. She did it by playing with old fabrics and playing with them at her grandparents’ home. At an early age, Iris became obsessed with different colors, textures, and the feel of the small pieces of fabric. It was actually the start of her career. Interior design, fabric design, and even fashion design started when she was just a little girl!

While she was still a child, she also started going to antique shops, and here’s how her extraordinary jewelry collection from around the world was born.

Her wardrobe became a fashion legend.

Her outstanding and stylish wardrobe containing expensive designer and cheap vintage pieces became the subject of an extensive exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2005. Since then, Apfel’s fame has become a fact. This woman magically knew the art of mixing and combining like no other.

She could masterfully combine a vintage Dior coat with plastic jewelry and cheap shoes. This is the true gift that made her an outstanding person in the world of style and beauty. Her unique style was present in her interior, her wardrobe, and even her way of life. Even at the age 102, she had tons of energy and always behaved like a kid in a candy shop when she was visiting vintage markets.

Like her sense of style, her love story with her late husband is also remembered in a refined way.

As inspiring as Apfel’s unique style was the decades-long love story with her late husband, Carl. The loving couple spent almost 70 years together. During that time, they created a company, starred in a documentary together, and kept this spirit of a true romance that only grew stronger over the years.

Iris wore a very practical dress for her wedding and pink lace shoes that she still has to this day, which seems to be back in style again. The couple decided not to have children because they traveled often and because Iris was highly dedicated to her personal style.

Iris has dedicated one of her Instagram post to her husband. She posted photos of her and Carl in different periods of her life and wrote, «My darling would’ve been 108 today! Sending caviar dreams!»

Iris Apfel’s influence went beyond just outfits — she inspired many to be confident and free in their own style and to have fun with fashion. Her colorful and eclectic taste left a lasting impact on the fashion world.


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