Body Positive Model Iskra Lawrence Harshly Responded to Trolls on Her Swim Week Runway Catwalk

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Iskra Lawrence, a prominent model known for promoting body acceptance, recently made headlines by proudly displaying her pregnant body on the runway at Miami Swim Week. At 33 years old, she glowed in stylish bikinis and one-pieces from her collaboration with Cupshe, showcasing her unique fashion sense and commitment to inclusivity.

“Need to post the video of my walk I felt so darn confident and proud doing it with my baby girl bumping,” Lawrence wrote on Instagram, sharing photos from the empowering moment.

The model, who walked the runway at Miami Swim Week, expressed her dismay that people are still willing to attack a woman for her physical appearance while she is carrying a child and being “6 months pregnant”. “I’m still in disbelief that in 2024 (and with everything going on in the world) that insulting a pregnant woman seemed like the best use of your time?”

The carousel included screenshots of cruel comments calling Lawrence “unhealthy” and comparing her to a whale. But she had the perfect clap back, thanking “these trolls for being so obsessed with me, they made commenting on my big pregnant body their biggest priority.

Many people in comments to her post were really inspired by her speech, expressed support and understanding.

  • I’m grateful for your confidence and for your willingness to share your beautiful pregnant body with the world. It’s a real body, a healthy body, a miraculous vessel for giving life and love. Nothing is more beautiful. © khursten / Instagram
  • The fact someone called women fetus condos just shows thy have a lack of respect for women in general. You are absolutely glowing, and no one should have to hide their body. I really don’t get why it matters to anyone what size someone is. © kylcicle95 / Instagram
  • Girl you are laughing ALL the way to the bank. These people are bored and unhappy, and what they say doesn’t matter. You are enjoying a gorgeous life and creating a little flesh vessel for a soul to try out Earth again for a while, so relish in the fact that you’ve upset the norm! Disrupting is sooo much more interesting than pleasing the masses. © dikpix / Instagram

Lawrence is expecting her second child, a baby girl, with boyfriend Philip Payne. The couple already shares a 4-year-old son, Alpha.

She is also not afraid to show real life moments of mother-to-be period, and even shows it with sense of humor. Through her unfiltered confidence, Lawrence is setting an inspirational example of body acceptance during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most significant and joyful experience in a woman’s life, but it can also be challenging. It’s essential during this time to have strong support from family and friends. It’s equally important to steer clear of negativity and focus on staying positive and healthy for both the mother and the baby.


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