“No One Wants to Hear Your Baby, You’re Not Special”, Man Yells at Mom for Bringing 3-Month-Old Baby to a Restaurant

10 months ago

It’s unfortunate how a screaming baby can quickly ruin even the most pleasant dining experience at a restaurant. Such was the case with a new mom who recently got into an unpleasant encounter with a fellow diner who was annoyed with her baby’s noise. The incident has generated an online discussion on the expectations and allowances that should be given to new parents while dining out.

According to a Reddit post made by the new mom, she narrated her experience and asked if it was wrong to bring her three-month-old baby to a nearby gastropub in the neighborhood. The gastropub catered to a diverse clientele and had a casual atmosphere, unlike the high-end restaurants that offer a more serene and sophisticated dining experience.

“There are often families with kids here,” she mentioned, “so it’s not like we took the baby to a kid-free environment.”

The situation quickly escalated when her baby, as expected, became fussy. In a bid to preempt any trouble, she made a move towards the exit with a pacifier and a blanket, hoping to soothe her baby before any crying episode. Unfortunately, before she could leave the restaurant, her baby started to scream, which made the situation more challenging.

“Had what happened next not happened, the baby would have been crying in the restaurant for no more than 20 seconds,” she wrote. Rather than allowing her to continue towards the exit, a man who happened to be on a date at a nearby table called out to her. “He yelled... something to the effect of, ’No one wants to hear your baby. You’re not special.’”

Despite the mom already making her way toward the exit, the man who yelled at her persisted and didn’t let the matter rest. The mom mentioned that she is not one to engage in confrontations, so she chose to ignore him and continued her exit, even after enduring his berating.

However, upon reentering the restaurant with her baby, who was now calm and content, the man attempted to engage with her once again. When she ignored him, the man and his date continued to give them disapproving looks until they eventually left the establishment.

Despite acknowledging how excessive the man’s reaction was, and how the baby only briefly disturbed other diners, the mom still questions whether or not she was at fault. Her uncertainty has been exacerbated after discussing the matter with some of her fellow moms.

The podcast “Two Hot Takes” delved into this debate on a recent episode and staunchly supported the mom’s position. When the mom questioned whether she was at fault, one of the hosts of the podcast emphatically stated, “Absolutely not!’”. Their response reaffirmed the notion that the mom was not in the wrong and expressed disbelief at the man’s extreme reaction.


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