“She Looks 30!” A 58-Year-Old Woman Underwent a Facelift, Leaving Everyone in Awe

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The video of a 58-year-old woman’s transformation went viral. The surgeon transformed the patient so professionally that in 2 weeks she looked great and looked 20 years younger.

The video went viral.

The video of Angelica’s transformation went viral, amassing 14 million views and around 300,000 likes. At 58, Angelica approached her plastic surgeon, Dr. Sandara Nikolaeva, with the desire to look younger while achieving a natural result. The remarkable success of her facelift captured the internet’s attention, with viewers around the world marveling at her youthful and refreshed appearance.

Her procedures

According to her surgeon, her procedures included a facelift and a circular blepharoplasty. The facelift involved removing excess skin from the face and neck, performing platysmaplasty, and liposuction of the neck and chin. The circular blepharoplasty rejuvenated her eyes, making them look younger.

These combined procedures transformed her facial oval, eliminated primary signs of aging, and smoothed out nasal and chin folds. The surgery’s effects will last many years, providing a youthful and harmonious appearance for a decade or more.

The results

The results were shown just two weeks after the surgery. The surgeon remarked, “Of course, the face is swollen, but we can already appreciate the facial contours.”

Comments on the video overwhelmingly agreed that the outcome was impressive: “Wow, she was already beautiful, but now she has transformed! She looks exactly like she’s 30.” “She will definitely need to change her passport.” “She looks 30!

Another patient.

The same surgeon recently became a star thanks to another of his patients. The 49-year-old woman’s transformation also went viral. “She came to me complaining about excess eyelid skin, which gave her a tired look and extra years, and to remove such excess and tighten the lower third of the face and neck,” the surgeon explained. “The patient has an underdeveloped lower jaw. It is too late to solve the issue orthognathically.”

In the viral video, the results of the surgery were revealed after 1.5 months, showcasing a remarkable transformation. The impact of the procedure was evident with the elimination of the tired look, a complete transformation of the facial oval, and the eradication of primary signs of aging. Additionally, nasolabial and labiomental folds were visibly softened, contributing to a more youthful appearance.

Watch the transformation of a young woman who was attacked by a pit bull and doctors had to reconstruct her face.


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