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15 Beautiful Couples Who Prove That Love Can Last a Lifetime

It’s shocking how many marriages nowadays end up in divorce, with women being the ones that are more likely to pull the plug. However, not every story ends up in disappointment, and many couples manage to stay together for a long time. Some of them even stay married until the end of their lives, proving that true and unconditional love does exist.

Now I’ve Seen Everything likes seeing love growing and flourishing with the passing of years and these couples are living proof of that.

1. “25 years of marriage and still in love.”

2. “After 71 years of marriage, Grandma passed. Grandpa says, ’Well, I got to know her pretty well.’”

3. “My Italian grandparents recreating their wedding photo, 1964 and 1994 — they look like they only grew happier together.”

4. “My grandparents recreated their ’going away’ photograph 61 years later at the same location.”

5. “A 77-year-long marriage”

6. “My good-looking grandparents on their first date and then after 50 years.”

7. “50 something years apart”

8. “Then (1992) and now (2020). 28 years together, married for 26.”

9. “50 years of marriage today, they met on a blind date.”

10. “Married 70 years today”

11. “My grandparents on their 50-year wedding anniversary”

12. “My grandparents on their wedding day and sixtieth anniversary”

13. “Aged with grace”

14. “50 years apart”

15. “My husband and me in 1990 and 2017”

Do you know of any couples who have stayed together for their entire lives?

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