Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Pictures That Could Even Make a Rock Solid Heart Melt

There are people who get emotional very easily and people who have to see and feel something very deep to get emotional. We are not referring to people who suffer from medical conditions that keep them from being emotionally interested. We are talking about those whose hearts just needs a little bit more grease, and we are here to offer to get your emotions flowing.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is glad that there is still a lot of happiness and kindness left in our world.

1. “The most beautiful thing you see today.”

2. “Out for a drive with my best pal, with her butt on the seat and her paws on the floor!”

3. Nursing a hurt pigeon with food and liquids

4. “A kind stranger found my girlfriend’s keys and left them for us.”

5. “A care home is asking for pen pals for the elderly residents if anyone wants to get on board.”

6. “The good-hearted people in my neighborhood set up and regularly donate to a free community book exchange.”

7. “This guy I know had a birthday party for his hedgehog, Marty! Happy Birthday, Marty.”

8. “We just delivered $9,000 in children’s food.”

9. No family is ever sad with a dog.

10. “My thumb is 1 foot long.”

11. “My phone occasionally gives me photo spotlights of just a bunch of different pictures on my camera roll.”

12. “Someone in my community put out sleds for anyone to enjoy on the snow hill.”

13. “After 30 years, I found my dad! Couldn’t be happier. Saw him once in foster care.”

14. “The people on my mail route shovel between houses for me, which is so kind and very appreciated.”

15. “Turbo’s smile always makes me smile. This was his prosthetic fitting day.”

Have you ever seen anything that made your heart melt and your eyes tear up? Tell us all about it if you like.

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