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16 Hidden Gems That Were Found in Thrift Stores

In recent years, and with more awareness about the conservation of the planet, thrift stores have multiplied throughout the cities. In the past, our moms used to go to these stores to find items for the home, but now, even influencers tell stories about the fabulous and unexpected things they find in these places. After all, there’s nothing more unexpected than finding “treasure” hidden in a used object, right?

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we have collected several images of people who found an expensive item at a flea market.

1. “Found this beautiful Alphonse Mucha mirror for less than $10.”

2. “Wingback chairs, $20 for the pair!”

3. “Y’all!!! I found 2 14k gold and 3 sterling silver rings in this $2.00 bag at an estate sale today! Lucky days happen!!!!!!”

4. “I bought this thing for $4. It turned out to be carved ivory.”

5. “Someone lost his head at the flea market.”

6. “I found this antique 18-karat gold ring at a thrift store for $15.”

7. “My favorite find, my wedding dress, which I found at a local thrift store — I checked the tag and it’s a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired ’cloud dress.’”

8. “I thrifted this throne for my queen.”

9. “Found in the $0.50 jewelry pile. Tested the diamond at 2 different stores. Biggest find to date!”

10. “Got this for $2 at my local goodwill and noticed some stitching and looked it up...”

11. “The Blendtec Total Blender, $6.99, and a brand new Yeti Rambler, $1.99”

12. “A $5.25 antique Goodwill dresser”

13. When the lamp suddenly comes to life:

14. “Look at these dumb little jerks: salt and pepper shakers.”

15. “Found my white whale at a local thrift store — it’s a music box that opens to hold lipsticks.”

16. “A vintage 9 Ct gold necklace with opal I found this weekend — just wish I could find the designer.”

Do you think it’s preferable to buy new or do you give secondhand items a chance? What has been your best bargain?

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