15 Gorgeous Women Who Mastered the Art of Aging

2 years ago

Many of us can get stressed just by thinking about getting older. But some people refuse to worry about putting extra candles on their birthday cake and prove that 40 can totally be the new 20. In fact, studies have shown that our self esteem gets better with age, so it’s no wonder that many women finally decide to get a tattoo or dye their hair bright pink when they turn 50.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admire these strong and confident women who make it easier to believe your age doesn’t define you.

1. “I’m less than 5 months from turning 50.”

2. “48 years young. 20 years from now, I’ll wish I was this old!”

3. “Enjoying the last week of my 30s. Turning 40 next Saturday!”

4. “I’m not a ‘girl,’ I’m a freckled 40-year-old woman. Is that allowed?”

5. “Just graduated with a teaching degree. Still living at home, recently single, car totaled, no job — oh, and I’m 30.”

6. “Feel a bit down about having turned 40 yesterday, any chance anyone can make me feel a little bit better about it?”

7. “Hey! I’m 30.”

8. “I’m 40 and I’ve never felt better in my life! Self-love is the best love.💕💕”

9. “Me at 10 (people thought my brother and I were twin boys), and me at 34 — sucking my thumb gave me those chompers, but braces fixed it!”

10. “At 30 years old, I finally got my first actual professional hair color ever, and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it!”

11. “27 to 37 — getting older isn’t so bad!”

12. “Turning 40 in a month, decided to go PINK!”

13. “Flaunting my greys.”

14. “Almost 40.”

15. “This is what 50 looks like. No Botox, no fillers. Embrace it!”

What’s the worst thing about getting older, what’s the best thing about it, and have you managed to do what you really wanted to do when you were younger? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to read about your experience!


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