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17 People Who’d Do Anything to Show Their Love to Their Close Ones

We all have our own life, which includes work troubles, hectic schedules and other everyday problems. That’s maybe why we often forget to pay attention to the ones we love. But, this shouldn’t be the case, since we have to show them our appreciation as often as we can and not only when we need them. And while it may be hard to do that on your schedule, we want to show you that it can be done with not necessarily giant gestures.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that it’s important to show our love to those around us, since nothing should be taken for granted.

1. “His first time writing English. I love teaching.”

2. Best buddies forever!

3. “My sweet niece drew my engagement photo as a birthday gift for my husband. It’s his favorite picture of us.”

4. “This is a memorial tattoo. The needlework was done by my late wife 13 years ago.”

5. “I made my girlfriend a custom desk for her tiny apartment so she can stop working at the kitchen counter.”

6. “I surprised my ACNH obsessed niece with an early Christmas present all handmade by me!”

7. “This is my wife’s favorite pair of heels that are too tight. As a surprise, I bought some shoe stretchers and I’ve been carefully expanding them.”

8. “My parents got divorced 25 years ago and haven’t really spoken since. They surprised me at my wedding with a dance.”

9. “I grew out my hair for 7 years. Stepmom passed of cancer and I cut it all off to donate in her memory.”

10. “For Christmas, I hand-carved a bracelet out of a solid piece of wood for my wife!”

11. A creative boyfriend gifts a barstool to his girl for a proposal “throne.” The stool was from where they had their first date.

12. “We found out our friend (21) never learned how to ride a bike. We decided we would teach him, in less than an hour he was riding around the park. Couldn’t be more proud.”

13. “I made a leafy shawl to bring the outdoors in for my friend going through chemo.”

14. “In memory of my late grandpa”

15. A ’remote rope’ I made. To button around the rails of my Nanna’s bed so she can reel in the remote when she drops it!"

16. Interlocking pendants made by a boyfriend with a map of his and his girl’s hometowns. The cut is the road between their houses.

17. “My 90yo neighbor hasn’t walked her dog in years so I volunteered to do it for her. So proud of Buddy’s weight loss.”

What is the most lovely and heartwarming thing someone has done for you? Was it your partner, family member or best friend that wanted to show you their love?

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