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18 Situations Proving That a Child’s Mind Will Forever Be a Mystery to Parents

When it comes to having the wildest imagination, no one can beat a bored child. After all, it seems that our children’s number one mission is to drive us crazy. And while parents would get rightfully angry or frustrated by their children’s mischief, these acts would soon turn into the most treasured memories they have of them. After all, we’ve all seen our parents’ faces light up as they remember stories about our childhood around dinner tables.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is fascinated by how far some kids are willing to go to get their busy parent’s attention. Here are some situations that will prove that a child’s mind has zero limits.

1. ’’He wants to change is jacket because the snails will think he’s a giant leaf and eat him.’’

2. “I know y’all have heard pineapple on pizza. What has my child done?”

3. “My 1-year-old niece tore the keys off my keyboard when I wasn’t home.”

4. “My son cornered and tried to pet an injured squirrel. Didn’t go well.”

5. ’’He wanted to make sure it had a ’long neck’.’’

6. “This brilliant decision my son made. He really wanted a Minion I guess.”

7. “My sister’s history homework: What did medieval nobles eat?”

8. “My nephew wanted a portrait of George Washington. Thank goodness he didn’t want a portrait of Ben Franklin.”

9. “My friend’s 17-year-old daughter drove for 20 minutes on this after it started ’sounding funny’.”

10. ’’My 2-year-old insisted that the puzzle is built like this!’’

11. “Watching TV with a 2-year-old is so relaxing, said no parent ever!”

12. “My toddler is giving our toilet paper a bath.”

13. “My nephew’s new hobby”

14. “For Thanksgiving, they asked my son what he was thankful for...”

15. “Was unable to convince my worried son that this was not a mini-beehive filled with mini-bees.”

16. “The kids made me breakfast in bed.”

17. “The way my brother likes to watch YouTube.”

18. ’’My sister drew on her passport.’’

Do you have any pictures of your child, or you, as a child, doing weird things? What was your favorite child-related facepalm moment?

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